Today’s Prompt: What Does Writing Mean To You?

For today’s prompt, write about what writing means to you. We’re all writers, so writing about this hobby and profession is something we can share our personal feelings about. There’s no word limit for the prompt. Write until your heart’s content. I want to know why you love writing and how do you feeling when script on paper or type on a keyboard. Have fun with this followers! And as always, post your response in the comment section below or on your blog by pinging my URL into your response. Have a good day everyone.

Writing Prompt of the Day: Would You Ever Want Your Novels Adapted Into Movies?

Some of us are writing novels and novellas. Most of us want to write novels and novellas. For those of us we’re considering publication and there are some trials to publication. For today’s prompt I want you to imagine that your novel is published, it’s a bestseller and you’re offered a movie deal. Would you want your hypothetical novel or novels adapted into movies? There are times when a movie adaption don’t always follow the novel. Another element for today’s prompt you should consider, if the movie adaptions of your novel does follow the book would you be pleased and vice versa?

Let me know in the comments section or on your blog by linking my URL. Enjoy your day followers!

Today’s Prompt: Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

A few years ago, there were reports in the news where people experienced zombie-like behaviors. Some people were afraid that there was going to be a zombie apocalypse. Now that there hasn’t been reported stories of these undead phenomenons the hype and fear has decreased. With the popularity of the TV show and graphic novel series The Walking Dead, along games like Left 4 Dead, The Last of Us, Day Z, the zombie craze is still fresh.  I want to make today’s prompt interesting and I’m going to do this two ways. You’re free to choose both options.

1. I want you to write a descriptive essay on what you would do if a zombie apocalypse were to happen. How would you react. How you would prepare for this situation? Where would you go? Who would you save? Are you currently learning survival tips and tricks?

– – – OR – – –

2. I want you to write a short, fictional, scenario based story about a zombie apocalypse occurring in real-time. Think about plausible reasons on how and why a zombie apocalypse could happen. I want at least 1500 to 3,000 words for this short story. There’s no time length on when you can respond to this second option. Short stories take time, planning and editing, so no pressure for you followers. This second option is designed to flex your short story muscles so have fun with this.

As always you can submit your responses in the comments section or on your blog by linking my URL to your response. Happy writing and enjoy your day followers!

Today’s Prompt: How Does Your Daily Life Affect Your Writing?

We all lead busy lives. The old stereotype of writers spending all day and night crafting their novels and publishing them. That’s definitely not, especially in our world today (unless that person is well off and doesn’t have to work a day in their life again). Most of us have day jobs, attend school, commute, run errands and many other commitments. While we may not have time to write all the time but sometimes it does give us a sense of creativity.

I want you to write a few paragraphs on how your daily life affects your writing. You can tell me what your occupation and hobbies are and how that maintains your writing habits. You can respond to this prompt in the comments section or your blog by linking my blog in your response. Also, if anyone who isn’t a follower of mine, you can answer this prompt as well.

Today’s Prompt: Mobile and Flash Gaming

We all have smartphones and or tablets, or both. There are so many apps to choose from to help get through our daily lives. The best thing, or possibly the worst thing, if you get addicted to it, about smartphones and tablets are games. With popular games like Candy Crush, Flappy Birds and Clash of Clans, there are many people spending their free time on these games.

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a 2 paragraph prompt on what is your favorite flash or mobile game on the market. As always, you can respond to this prompt in the comments section below or on your blog by pinging my blog in your response.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try out Clash of Clans. I’m not actually. Have a good day followers.

Inspiration in the Bleak Mid-Winter: A Whiff of Spring in the Air?

For my followers who live in the Mid-West and East Coast(if I have any from these areas) here’s something to keep you optimistic.

Order of the Good Write

mets spring training Tradition Field, New York Mets training Camp, Port St. Lucie, FL

Okay east coast and mid-western readers. Don’t kill me.  Backs and muscles all around the country are sore and busted from a long winter of shoveling snow and scrapping windshields, and here I am talking about Spring.

Meanwhile, Spring seems like a distant memory, something that happened before the earth fell into another notch in space, making winters endless. It’s almost like this is your new life now – Winter. Forever. What’s this odd thing called “Spring”?  “Summer”? Didn’t I smoke pot with her at that Phish concert? Not sure I’ve heard of her. Winter is where I live now.

Your fingers are numb. The temps are so fiercely, horribly cold – it’s not even cold anymore. It’s not even bitter or frigid cold. It’s gone from frigid to just…..”PAIN”.  You step outside = Instant pain. Even the NYTimes…

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Yesterday and Today’s Prompt: What Are You Writing and Are You Suffering From SAD?

Good evening my followers. I didn’t have any prompts scheduled in my queue for yesterday so there was no prompt. I haven’t had much of a creative spark lately due to school and personal matters. However I’m beginning to gain some spark. It’s funny how life can give birth of creativity for us writers. It’s truly a blessing. Anyway, let’s get started with new prompts(throws confetti)!

The first prompt, which was supposed to be yesterday’s prompt: What are you writing at the moment? Are you writing a novel? A novella? A screenplay? An article perhaps? What about an essay for school or work? Share what you are writing at the moment without going into too much detail. We wouldn’t want our precious ideas get stolen. I’m joking. You can share full details. There’s no paragraph and word limit for this prompt.

The second prompt, which is today’s prompt: Are you suffering from SAD? If you don’t know what SAD is or know, SAD means Seasonal Affective Disorder. Because of the dangerous Winter storms and the relentless polar vortexes lately, how’s your mood been lately? Do you also get SAD in the Summer season as well? I want you to write at least 3 paragraphs or in the form of a short non-fiction story detailing whether you get SAD.

As always, you can post in the comments section below or post your response on your blog and pinging my blog within your post. Stay warm and have a good night followers! 🙂

Today’s Prompt:Traditional or Self Publishing? Which Route Do You Want to Take?

We all have stories we want to share. The problem is we don’t know where to share our stories. That’s where we think big, publishing. Yes, that risk-taking, breaking out of your shell, nine letter word that most of us think about in our writing career. In today’s technological world, we have several options to publish our writing where the traditional route isn’t necessary anymore. There are some people who would like to get a professional viewpoint to see if there story or novel is worth it to be on bookshelves. If you’re a seasoned ‘I’ve gone through publishing houses and my novel wasn’t up to their standards’ veteran you have resorted self publishing.

The direction of this prompt will be different. For those who have gone through publishing your novels, whether they’re fiction or non fiction; I want you to write to up 3-4 paragraphs detailing your experiences of traditional and or self publishing. What was it like and which do you prefer?

For those who are looking to publish your novels, which route do you want to take? Post in the comments section or respond on your blog-linking my blog to yours in your post.

Today’s Prompt: The Horror Genre – Print or Visual

Similar to the Science Fiction prompt I want you to write at least 3 paragraphs detailing on what form of Horror you like best and what you don’t like about the other. Like all prompts you can either answer them in the comments section below or in your blog and linking my blog to your response.

Yesterday’s Prompt: Sci-Fi Genre-Print or On-Screen?

Science Fiction is one of today’s popular genre’s in the world. What makes Sci-Fi so great is the what if and the future. In today’s market of entertainment there are options to indulge your Sci-Fi needs. I want you to write 2-3 paragraphs describing which you like best, Science Fiction in books or in television/movies. I also want you to explain why you don’t like the other, for example, if you like Sci-Fi on print but don’t like it in television and movies.