Yesterday and Today’s Prompt: What Are You Writing and Are You Suffering From SAD?

Good evening my followers. I didn’t have any prompts scheduled in my queue for yesterday so there was no prompt. I haven’t had much of a creative spark lately due to school and personal matters. However I’m beginning to gain some spark. It’s funny how life can give birth of creativity for us writers. It’s truly a blessing. Anyway, let’s get started with new prompts(throws confetti)!

The first prompt, which was supposed to be yesterday’s prompt: What are you writing at the moment? Are you writing a novel? A novella? A screenplay? An article perhaps? What about an essay for school or work? Share what you are writing at the moment without going into too much detail. We wouldn’t want our precious ideas get stolen. I’m joking. You can share full details. There’s no paragraph and word limit for this prompt.

The second prompt, which is today’s prompt: Are you suffering from SAD? If you don’t know what SAD is or know, SAD means Seasonal Affective Disorder. Because of the dangerous Winter storms and the relentless polar vortexes lately, how’s your mood been lately? Do you also get SAD in the Summer season as well? I want you to write at least 3 paragraphs or in the form of a short non-fiction story detailing whether you get SAD.

As always, you can post in the comments section below or post your response on your blog and pinging my blog within your post. Stay warm and have a good night followers! 🙂


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