Long Time No Post!

Hello followers. It’s been two months since I last posted anything. School and life became hectic and I wasn’t able to post anything. I ended up hitting a wall in terms of creating prompts. Between volunteering and schoolwork creating prompts wasn’t in my thought process. However I did create story ideas for myself that I want to experiment and possibly publish. Now that I’m finished with school and have some time before my next chapter in life begins I will post regularly. However prompts will be slow. I will reblog posts from the Daily Post and other websites.

There are no current changes for this blog at the moment. I have some minor changes in the near future. There will be writing prompts, but they will be from The Daily Post. I don’t have many creative prompts at this time. I hope you all are keeping up with your writing.

I want to know as a substitute prompt for the day. What writing have you done since the last post I made in March? Are you writing a novel? Short story? Anthology? Business related? Let me know in the comments section.