Today’s Writing Prompt: Creative Ways to Stay Cool

Summer is coming. In two weeks across the United States, temperatures will be in the 70s to 90s from June to October. Some of us work indoors or outdoors or a combination of both. I will be doing both this Summer. We have the standard ways of stay cool in a long season like Summer, have a fan or AC running. For today’s prompt I want to take those luxuries from you. I have a story idea that I wrote about a week or the week before(need to label the dates I have these ideas) about solar flares disabling electronics.

The prompt is a solar flare erupts across the entire country of the U.S. People are trying to find ways to stay cool during a week-long heat wave that’s sweeping the nation. How will they find a way to keep cool?

I want you to write a short, short story or essay detailing creative ways to stay cool. Don’t do any research for this. Really think about ways no one has considered in staying cool. As always you can answer this prompt in the comments section or ping this post to your blog.

Enjoy your evening writers!

Today’s Prompt: Unpopular Opinions About Writing

I discovered the discussion theme unpopular opinions recently. Some of you may already know what unpopular opinions are, but for those who don’t know it’s ranting your opinion about a certain thing in a negative tone. I chose writing to start this unpopular opinions series (it will be very often). Why have I chose writing? We’re all writers for starters. Whether we’re rookies or experts we all have an unpopular opinion about writing. For example, my unpopular opinion about writing is having a good idea but the story ends prematurely because it doesn’t translate well on paper.

That’s our prompt for the day. What is/are your unpopular opinion(s) about writing? There’s no word length for this prompt.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Writing Workshops

Today our prompt is about workshops. Two weeks ago, I attended my first writing workshop. It wasn’t a long session and it was free. I met one of Gotham Writers’ teachers, Jennifer K. Armstrong. It was a pleasant experience. It was also the first time I met an author. The one hour session was more than enough time to understand Article Writing (the workshop’s topic). I will attend more workshops in the future. I want to know your experience at a writing workshop. Tell me what topic the workshop was about, what did you learn, and was it helpful?

For those who haven’t attended a writing workshop, will you go to one? There’s no word limit for this prompt.

Today’s Prompt: Summer Reading 2015

Good evening followers. I know I was supposed to have prompts reblogged and queued. I’ve been busy this past week and have a lot of commitments at the moment. With that being said, how is everyone this week? For today/tonight’s prompt I want to know what you’re going to read this Summer. In less than 18 days away it will be the first day of Summer. Where’s the time going? Just yesterday we were digging our way out of 12 inches of snow, buying Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrating Easter. Pretty soon it will be Back to School sales, Fall semester, Comic-Con, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fast cycle of life never ends or slows down doesn’t it? -sigh-

Back on topic, what books do you have planned to read this Summer or are going to read? I plan on reading anthologies I took out of the library (which a few are almost at their renew limit). I’m reading ‘Burnt Tongues’ an anthology of transgressive fictional stories, Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy of the Year Volume 1, Best New Horror Volume 25 and Wastelands. I’m reading anthologies because I have one in the works now. This anthology will be my first work, stories written by me. I have one story written, currently in draft mode and another one in the planning stages.

I want you to list the books you are reading or plan on reading this Summer. Give me a detailed short paragraph on why you’re reading said book or books. As always you can answer this prompt in the comments section or do a pingback on your blog. Have a good night followers!