Today’s Prompt:Traditional or Self Publishing? Which Route Do You Want to Take?

We all have stories we want to share. The problem is we don’t know where to share our stories. That’s where we think big, publishing. Yes, that risk-taking, breaking out of your shell, nine letter word that most of us think about in our writing career. In today’s technological world, we have several options to publish our writing where the traditional route isn’t necessary anymore. There are some people who would like to get a professional viewpoint to see if there story or novel is worth it to be on bookshelves. If you’re a seasoned ‘I’ve gone through publishing houses and my novel wasn’t up to their standards’ veteran you have resorted self publishing.

The direction of this prompt will be different. For those who have gone through publishing your novels, whether they’re fiction or non fiction; I want you to write to up 3-4 paragraphs detailing your experiences of traditional and or self publishing. What was it like and which do you prefer?

For those who are looking to publish your novels, which route do you want to take? Post in the comments section or respond on your blog-linking my blog to yours in your post.