What are your weaknesses when it comes to writing?

Here’s another not-so thought-provoking exercise, what are your weaknesses when it comes to writing? Is it grammar, spelling, wordiness, unable to create a compelling sentence after one paragraph ends and another begins, you’re too detailed, you tell a lot but don’t show?

What are your weaknesses when it comes to writing? 500-700 words for this topic. I’m sure some of you have weaknesses.

Which places have you always wanted to travel to?

To make up for the lack of posts for the next few days there will be simple topics to keep you writing. What places have you always wanted to travel to? In 1000 words or less write what places you always wanted to travel to. It could be countries, cities, or states(if you live in the U.S.) anywhere.

There won’t be any new prompts for the next few days

I’ve been a little backed up and busy as of late. I apologize that there won’t be any new topics. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any posts. I’ll come up with something unique that will be queued for the next few days. Tomorrow I have a few things that will take up most of my schedule and this weekend will be busy with family and writing related things. Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend.

What are your favorite genres to read in literature?

So we all like to write, but what about reading? As we all know to become a better writer, we have to read first. There’s no word limit for today’s post. However you must pick only three of your favorite genres detailing why you like said genres and do you see yourself writing the genre you like.

My favorite genres in literature are Fiction, Science Fiction and Horror. These three genres have a certain appeal to me than most genres. I find myself reading these genres more often than other genres. They captivate an experience much different from our own world. I wouldn’t find any reasons not to like these genres unless there’s a bad story written. I currently write short stories with these particular genres.
To start, I like Fiction because it’s linear and diverse. There’s a lot you can create within one genre. Fiction has many literary genres such as satire and punk, my favorites. The best thing about Fiction is it can be derived from life experiences and embellished into your own world. Nothing is more riveting than being absorbed in a reality different from your current one. I tend to write mostly fiction nowadays. It’s a genre most people prefer to read.
Science Fiction is another genre I enjoy reading. I enjoy how it morphs science to a whole other level. The creativity of possible or scenarios makes for an intriguing story. Another appealing aspect of science fiction that I love is the detailed scenery and imagery and alternate worlds. Sci-Fi to me is wondering what the future will hold for advanced technology. Sci-Fi delivers a world most people couldn’t imagine.
I find Science Fiction a little challenging to write. Although it’s my favorite genre I admittedly don’t have much creativity when it comes to science. That is something I’m willing to change as I improve my craft in Sci-Fi.
Horror has a unique appeal to me. There are some types of horror that sends chills to my spine and others that doesn’t instill fear. Supernatural horrors are alright, but they aren’t relatable to the type of horror that can occur to normal people. I wasn’t a big horror fan until I discovered scary short stories on the internet. I dabbled in the horror genre a bit as kid with books and movies. As a teenager, a few bad horror movies of the B rated variety, ruined the horror genre altogether.
I can see myself writing horror a lot. I’ve learned that writing horror is about imagining yourself in your reader’s shoes. You must ask yourself if I was my readers what I would be afraid of. Come up with a story that others can relate to and combine your fears with your readers’ fears.
As you get older, you appreciate things more vividly. I’ve come to the realization when I started reading more books. The genres I’ve read and learning how different each one are crafted. I’ve learned that there are many forms of fiction. Sci-Fi has taught me it’s not always about robots and otherworldly planets, but there are supercomputers and advanced technologies that have the potential of being created. Horror has taught me there’s more to vampires, zombies and the occult.

Horror can range from abandoned places, internet, and occurrences in our daily lives. Literature enhances your perspective with many genres. It only takes a few of your favorite genres to see it all.

What Do You Like or Dislike About Writing?

What Do You Like or Dislike About Writing?

Today’s post is unique. We’re all going to share about what we like and or dislike about writing. The topic is something to think and discuss about. In 200-500 words write about what you like or dislike about writing in the comments. I will post my response below.
Everyone has their own opinion about writing. The opinions range from good to bad. I myself have an opinion on what I like and dislike about writing. I’ll begin with what I like about writing. The creativity that comes along with writing is my primary delight in writing. I like that I’m able to plan and create a world of my own.
Giving life to characters and places is entertaining. Writing can keep you busy. To most people it’s a job, and for others it’s a coping mechanism and a hobby. For everyone else writing is both a hobby and a job. The crafting of words when it comes to writing is quite challenging. I like it because it forces you how to structure your words effectively. Depending on how well you structure your words you can captivate an audience.
I also like reading other people’s writing. Whether it’s an essay, short story or novel I like learning how others write. When you meet other writers you build friendships. It helps having writers as friends as a writer; peer-to-peer reviews, group meetings and group brainstorming helps writers improve themselves. No matter how well you write you will always need others to look over your writing. Other writers can catch mistakes you might overlook. The great thing about having writers as friends is writers can help inspire each other with new ideas.
Like all hobbies there are reasons why we find them unlikable. There is one thing that writers and non-writers dislike about writing is writer’s block. Writer’s block is the most arduous obstacle anyone can face. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a topic that’s easy for you to discuss on paper; writer’s block will hinder you. Distractions are normal in life but as a writer it makes it difficult to focus. Your mind will trail off if you’re hyperactive or have some form of ADD.
Other times there are background noises from people in your home, talking from people around you in public places making you write something you’re not supposed to. There’s also the factor of the weather. Sunny days will compel you to look out the window more and give you an urge to go outside. Time is another important factor with writing. School, work, career and family obligations will take your writing time away. These important factors will put your writing on hold for days, weeks, and even months.
It’s important to find a balance for your busy schedule if you’re on the path in becoming a successful writer or author. Your writing will suffer if you don’t have a balance-able schedule. Health is another important factor with your writing. If you’re sick, you won’t able to focus on your writing when sneezing, fevers, chills and headaches occur. Being sick is also a factor of time if you’re not well enough to work. Staying healthy and having time for other important things in your life brings success and depth in your writing.
Finally, the main unlikable factor in writing is if it fails. Writers don’t like it if a story or a novel doesn’t work at all. At some point in your writing career you will always hit a snag or come to the conclusion where a story isn’t going anywhere at all. This is not to discourage you, it happens to many writers, myself included. It is frustrating that a story won’t work well especially if it’s an original concept. Writers get inspired from other author’s works.
They also get inspired from events or stories other people spoke orally. So original concepts take a lot of work and it can be crushing when other people don’t see success for it. That’s why it’s important to keep working hard and read more.
What I’ve learned since I started taking writing seriously for two years is this; there will always be days when you can’t come up with something to write. There are times where you’ll experiment with something already done but written with your concept. There will be stories that you write that will be horrible and something you’ll rip up and forget about. That’s the life of a writer, no matter what shortcuts you’ll find. In conclusion of this prompt here’s a quote from writer Larry L. King, “Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.”


A quick heads up.

If you’re wondering where the posts will be located its under the prompts section of categories. I write my posts on a word document(Microsoft Word) before posting them. In the future I will type out the posts on Word first and whatever I type will be typed on here. I understand that most of you who follows the blog don’t want to read a wall of text. I’m not the type who likes it either.

I’ve tried doing so when I copy and pasted my posts that I’ve typed on Word on WordPress but there was no change. If you’re willing to give me a suggestion please do so in the comments. Thank you!

Why I Write

Here is my response to today’s prompt.

On September 11, 2001, for those who live in the USA, the World Trade Center attacks occurred. I was in school at the time and we were sent home early and I had nothing to do at the time. So, while I was at home I stumbled upon a Legend of Zelda fan site and discovered fan fiction. I spent the following few days immersing myself in these fan made stories that other people written. Since then I’ve come to a realization that I like the games that I play; I could come up with my own stories. I know what you’re thinking.
An event like 9/11 and a gaming website would inspire me to start writing. It seems silly at first but there was one key element to that week that made me want to start writing. It was boredom. Yes, boredom was the reason why I started writing. By reading the opening sentence of this prompt you would think that a devastating event would make me want to pick up writing. Well, that’s incorrect, I was 11 going on 12 at the time and an event such as that didn’t have much of an impact on me until I’ve learned more about it later on since I was a child back then.
There are times in our lives where situations force us to find an outlet. The week of 9/11/2001 gave me an outlet to write. Would I still have wanted to if 9/11 didn’t happen? Yes and no. Yes, because no matter what happened I would eventually found a way to want to start writing as a hobby. No, because there were days off and summer vacations where I would’ve discovered wanting to write as a hobby.
I believe that I would’ve picked up writing regardless whether 9/11 happened or not. Sometimes you find reasons to want to try new things. Other times you do them because you need to cope and vent. I’m glad that boredom was the reason why I started writing.

Why Do You Write?

To start off with something easy here’s a simple question. Why do you write? Do you write as a hobby? Are you writing because you read a lot? Does writing keep you busy or distracted? Are there other reasons on why you write? I want you to think about it well.

In 200 – 500 words write about why you write. What made you start writing. What was your inspiration or what changed in your life that made you want to write. I will write my response in a separate post. However for future posts. I will write responses to the prompts that are posted within the post itself.


Introductory Post

Hello all, my name is Darryl. This is the first, unofficial post of this blog. As the title details this is an introductory post. The premise of this blog is about writing prompts. I know some, if not most of you know what writing prompts are and follow other writing prompt blogs and websites.
However this blog will be different. This blog will involve the followers. You, the followers, will come up with your own prompts and share them with the community. I want to help you and I become better writers.

About Me
I’m 24 and I’ve been writing for nearly 13 years. It started off as writing as hobby and most of what I’ve wrote were unpublished. I went on and off with writing during high school. I’ve stopped writing when I entered college in 2008. I got back to writing again temporarily in 2010 and stopped because of school. Finally in 2012, I started writing again but this time I’m taking it seriously. What made me write again was being unable to attend school due financial restraints.  I worked volunteer and temp jobs during my time off and I picked up writing during my spare time. I will be returning to school to continue my education this Fall. I will major in Computer Information Systems for an Associates. I will continue my C.I.S major for a Bachelor’s and minor in Journalism/Creative Writing after I transfer to a four year school.
My hobbies consist of reading, mostly novels, short stories, graphic novels and comics. I love to write, as aforementioned on how I started writing. I like to watch movies. I’m not much of a television watcher nowadays due to my writing, getting started on freelance writing, reading more frequently and preparing for school in the Fall. I like to travel to local areas if time allows it. I hope to travel more in the future.

To conclude, I am open to suggestions and criticisms and follower requests. My goal is to build a community to help writers to become successful in their writing goals. I will reference other writing prompts that I’ve found from different websites and books, so there won’t be any issues or comments saying I’ve took this prompt from a website or a book. Most of these prompts will be original, something I’ll create. I will join in the prompts and critique your response to the prompts.
I hope you all enjoy this blog. I’m looking forward to interacting and writing with you all. 


Followers, I would like for you to introduce yourselves in the comment section below. Thank you!