Response to Day 10 of Boot Camp of Writing Prompts: “Dollar Message”

The $10 dollar bill I received has some writing on it. “If you’re reading this, don’t look around for the person who wrote this. The cashier you received this $10 bill from, she’s going through a lot lately. I won’t divulge the information for personal reasons. I’m sure you still have some money left. Get this lovely young woman something nice. Don’t buy her something superficial. Purchase something she could use.”

“Is there a problem, sir?” The cashier asks. “Uh, no, actually. I’m just making sure I have the right amount of change back.” I responded with a nod of my head. I pick up the gift-wrapped present for my friend and move along. I take the $10 bill out of my pocket and inspect it again. I turn back around looking at Kohl’s to see if there was anyone watching me. No one was there. There was no security camera overhead where I made the purchase for my friend’s gift.

I looked at the cashier, Amber, again. As she hanging clothes on racks she checks her wrist. She scoffs and shakes her head. It was as if she was expecting her watch to be there. The message on the dollar bill comes back to me. I return to Kohl’s only this time I avoid Amber’s sight. I walk over to the watch section and find a stainless steel silver wristwatch.

I walk to another cashier named Carol, and ask her to gift wrap the watch.”Who the gift for this time?” Carol asked. “For another friend of mine.” I said casually. “Are you sure it’s not for a pretty lady that has your attention.” “No.”

Before I take the debit card out of my wallet something occurs to me. It was Carol, she was the who wrote the note. I put the debit card back in my wallet and take out two $20 dollar bills. I quickly write a note on one of them hoping she will see it. When I put the banknotes on the counter Carol returns to the cashier after she brings the gift-wrapped box back. She picks up the bills and reads the note.

Carol looks at me and winks. She silently speaks, “Thank you.” As she hands me the change and receipt, “Sorry for the mystery” she silently says again. “Next customer please!” I walk over to Amber’s cashier and swiftly place the gift-wrapped box on the counter. I stay out of the store to see Amber open her gift. She smiled in joy and quickly places her watch on her wrist. Carol joins in on Amber’s glee.

I walk away feeling good about myself. It’s only natural to be giving during the holiday season.


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