Original Prompt: Abandoned locations, Would You Go There?

I haven’t done original prompts in a few weeks or so, and this prompt just popped out of nowhere just now. Today’s topic is all about abandoned locations. Are there any abandoned places you would like to travel to? These places can be railroad yards, amusement parks, housing, remote areas, you name it. For this prompt research the place you’ve heard stories or read about on the internet. Include images and stories of these areas.

For instance, for today’s topic I’m going to write about “Treasure Island”, the amusement park that Disney abandoned in 1999. Write about which abandoned place you would go to and why? There’s no word count/limit for this post. Only state what the place is, where it’s located at and why would you want to go there.

Although I know the main reason why we would go to abandoned places(mostly for sheer curiosity) but I would like to hear everyone’s reasons behind it.

So, start writing and have a good day! 🙂