Writing Prompt of the Day: Would You Ever Want Your Novels Adapted Into Movies?

Some of us are writing novels and novellas. Most of us want to write novels and novellas. For those of us we’re considering publication and there are some trials to publication. For today’s prompt I want you to imagine that your novel is published, it’s a bestseller and you’re offered a movie deal. Would you want your hypothetical novel or novels adapted into movies? There are times when a movie adaption don’t always follow the novel. Another element for today’s prompt you should consider, if the movie adaptions of your novel does follow the book would you be pleased and vice versa?

Let me know in the comments section or on your blog by linking my URL. Enjoy your day followers!

Today’s Prompt: How Does Your Daily Life Affect Your Writing?

We all lead busy lives. The old stereotype of writers spending all day and night crafting their novels and publishing them. That’s definitely not, especially in our world today (unless that person is well off and doesn’t have to work a day in their life again). Most of us have day jobs, attend school, commute, run errands and many other commitments. While we may not have time to write all the time but sometimes it does give us a sense of creativity.

I want you to write a few paragraphs on how your daily life affects your writing. You can tell me what your occupation and hobbies are and how that maintains your writing habits. You can respond to this prompt in the comments section or your blog by linking my blog in your response. Also, if anyone who isn’t a follower of mine, you can answer this prompt as well.

Inspiration in the Bleak Mid-Winter: A Whiff of Spring in the Air?

For my followers who live in the Mid-West and East Coast(if I have any from these areas) here’s something to keep you optimistic.

Order of the Good Write

mets spring training Tradition Field, New York Mets training Camp, Port St. Lucie, FL

Okay east coast and mid-western readers. Don’t kill me.  Backs and muscles all around the country are sore and busted from a long winter of shoveling snow and scrapping windshields, and here I am talking about Spring.

Meanwhile, Spring seems like a distant memory, something that happened before the earth fell into another notch in space, making winters endless. It’s almost like this is your new life now – Winter. Forever. What’s this odd thing called “Spring”?  “Summer”? Didn’t I smoke pot with her at that Phish concert? Not sure I’ve heard of her. Winter is where I live now.

Your fingers are numb. The temps are so fiercely, horribly cold – it’s not even cold anymore. It’s not even bitter or frigid cold. It’s gone from frigid to just…..”PAIN”.  You step outside = Instant pain. Even the NYTimes…

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Yesterday and Today’s Prompt: What Are You Writing and Are You Suffering From SAD?

Good evening my followers. I didn’t have any prompts scheduled in my queue for yesterday so there was no prompt. I haven’t had much of a creative spark lately due to school and personal matters. However I’m beginning to gain some spark. It’s funny how life can give birth of creativity for us writers. It’s truly a blessing. Anyway, let’s get started with new prompts(throws confetti)!

The first prompt, which was supposed to be yesterday’s prompt: What are you writing at the moment? Are you writing a novel? A novella? A screenplay? An article perhaps? What about an essay for school or work? Share what you are writing at the moment without going into too much detail. We wouldn’t want our precious ideas get stolen. I’m joking. You can share full details. There’s no paragraph and word limit for this prompt.

The second prompt, which is today’s prompt: Are you suffering from SAD? If you don’t know what SAD is or know, SAD means Seasonal Affective Disorder. Because of the dangerous Winter storms and the relentless polar vortexes lately, how’s your mood been lately? Do you also get SAD in the Summer season as well? I want you to write at least 3 paragraphs or in the form of a short non-fiction story detailing whether you get SAD.

As always, you can post in the comments section below or post your response on your blog and pinging my blog within your post. Stay warm and have a good night followers! 🙂

Two Prompts Today; Prompts Scheduled Posting

Good afternoon followers! Yesterday I didn’t have a prompt posted due to lack of ideas and I had some reading to do for school. I was also planning and beginning to write a prompt from ‘Write Now!’ a Fiction Writing exercise book by several authors such as Steve Almond, Robert Olen Butler, Amy Bloom, Virgil Suarez and many more.

There will be two prompts today. One to make up for yesterday and one for today. What I will start doing from now on is setting up a queue. I want to make sure that prompts will be posted. There will be times that I will reblog prompts either from here or other sites. The prompts will be posted in a moment. Have a good day everyone.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day (SAD) for others, is a day where loved ones spend time to cherish their romance. The people without a special someone in their lives often find an admirer to spend on this day. The true celebration of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate early Christians named Valentinus.

Although Valentine’s Day is a day of romance, it’s often criticized as a day of commercialization. It shouldn’t be a big holiday to cherish the one you love. That’s supposed to happen every day. I want you to write your opinion on Valentine’s Day. It could be a story or view of this day of love. There’s no word or paragraph limit. Write until you’re finished.

Friday the 13th

(This prompt was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I was unable to type it up. Note: This is a general prompt. You can answer this anytime of the month or year.)

Friday the 13th, the one date that arrives every once in a while for a whole calendar date. Friday the 13th is often heralded as bad luck day. Some people don’t care for it because it’s an ordinary day. Other people have concerns for it because if they walk under a ladder, break a mirror, step on a sidewalk crack or cross paths with a black cat, they will have bad luck for seven years (even worse if they do all those things before Friday the 13th). I’m a superstitious person myself. Although I don’t particularly care too much for Friday the 13th I usually be careful on this particular date. Luck is what you make it but if an eerie coincidence happens on this date, well, it’s time for you to question whether you’ll have bad luck.

So followers, what is your overall opinion of Friday the 13th? Do you think it’s just a normal date? Have you ever had something bad, or had bad luck on this particular date? Or is Friday the 13th just an early or extra day for Halloween? I want you to write this prompt in the form of a personal story. I’m very interested in hearing your input about this date. There’s no word limit for this prompt.

Two Prompts for the Price of One!

Today is my least favorite holiday but, Happy Valentine’s Day followers! You read the title correctly. Today I’m providing you with two prompts. Yesterday I had a lot to get done and was unable to sign on. For those who live in the Northeast region of the United States (myself included) more snow is scheduled for tonight. Is it Spring yet? I’m tired of Winter and all this snow to be honest. How do you feel about the constant snowstorms this Winter? There you go, three prompts today! Anyway, the prompts will be posted in a moment. I hope you all have a great day, whether it’s with a significant other, a date or by yourself (nothing wrong with that, think of all the chocolate you can indulge yourself with).

Have a good day everyone.

Prompt of the Day: Define Science Fiction

For today’s prompt, I want you to define the genre, Science Fiction. There’s no need for a dictionary (whether print or web) definition of the word. I want you to define Science Fiction in your own words. What movies or novels that you have seen, read, or heard of that was labeled Science Fiction, but doesn’t fit your definition of the term, Science Fiction. I want at least 3 paragraphs on your definition of Sci-Fi. Post your response on your blog-linking my URL or tagging me in the response, or you can post your response in the comments section below.

More content on the way!