Friday the 13th

(This prompt was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I was unable to type it up. Note: This is a general prompt. You can answer this anytime of the month or year.)

Friday the 13th, the one date that arrives every once in a while for a whole calendar date. Friday the 13th is often heralded as bad luck day. Some people don’t care for it because it’s an ordinary day. Other people have concerns for it because if they walk under a ladder, break a mirror, step on a sidewalk crack or cross paths with a black cat, they will have bad luck for seven years (even worse if they do all those things before Friday the 13th). I’m a superstitious person myself. Although I don’t particularly care too much for Friday the 13th I usually be careful on this particular date. Luck is what you make it but if an eerie coincidence happens on this date, well, it’s time for you to question whether you’ll have bad luck.

So followers, what is your overall opinion of Friday the 13th? Do you think it’s just a normal date? Have you ever had something bad, or had bad luck on this particular date? Or is Friday the 13th just an early or extra day for Halloween? I want you to write this prompt in the form of a personal story. I’m very interested in hearing your input about this date. There’s no word limit for this prompt.


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