Prompt of the Day: Define Science Fiction

For today’s prompt, I want you to define the genre, Science Fiction. There’s no need for a dictionary (whether print or web) definition of the word. I want you to define Science Fiction in your own words. What movies or novels that you have seen, read, or heard of that was labeled Science Fiction, but doesn’t fit your definition of the term, Science Fiction. I want at least 3 paragraphs on your definition of Sci-Fi. Post your response on your blog-linking my URL or tagging me in the response, or you can post your response in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Prompt of the Day: Define Science Fiction

  1. Science Fiction: Fiction that discusses technology, the circumstances of the years to come, perhaps it even enlightens us to some issues we face today by bringing those issues to a future conclusion.

    I once read an article that labeled “Toy Story” as Science Fiction. Well, ok, it has a Space Ranger, but I don’t think it qualifies.

    Shameless self-promotion – feel free to drop by and comment on my ongoing series, “Let’s Talk Sci Fi.”

    Here’s my latest where I review the film “Blade Runner.”

    1. I read the review of Blade Runner. While I have heard of it, I haven’t seen it yet. Shame on me because Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors, thanks to the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. I like your definition of Science Fiction. It makes me wonder what future technologies and scenarios are possible for our world.

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