Back to regularly scheduled prompting

Hello followers! I apologize for my week-long absence. School has increased my busy meter by tenfold. I’m off from school until this upcoming Tuesday because of Lincoln’s Birthday, President’s and Washington’s Birthday, so I’m back to my regularly scheduled program. Keep in mind that there will be times of inactivity even though I mentioned I will maintain this blog no matter what. I decided to change that. I will post prompts via a queue, so that you won’t miss out on writing. I have a new prompt for you all this evening and I will post it as soon as I can.

Recently I’m becoming more inspired to write. I can’t say for certain that I’m starting to get more ideas as the days go by. I’m currently drafting ideas for an anthology that I want to write and publish. So I’m asking you, my followers (this is also another prompt, by the way) do ideas for your writing come naturally or do you have techniques to develop ideas? Let me know in the comments of this post. Also, have you ever published anything recently or do you have something you want to publish?

Enjoy the rest of your evening and more content to come!


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