Today’s Original Prompt: “The Malevolent Snow Storm”

Okay. Since we (those who live in the Northeast) have snow storm brewing, I want today’s prompt to be something in regards to it. I want you to write a fictional short story prompt about the upcoming snow storm or imagining there’s a large blizzard now. The task and goal, write about a situation that’s occurring during the snow storm. For example, write about you being stuck in traffic, at an airport, or supermarket, what you’re doing, how you plan to get home, or anything that has danger involved.

You can write this prompt in the form of a Horror, Suspense, Thriller, or Romance genre short story if you want. The word limit for this is 2,000 words or less. A photographic prompt will be posted soon.

Enjoy, have fun, like and reblog this. Share your story on your blog, tag my site once your finished or post your story in the comments below!


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