Annoucements, Updates and Prompts Oh My!

Good morning, afternoon and evening everyone! So for those of us living the Northeast of the United States (myself) included, I’m wishing you all a safe trip to and from work later on today and tomorrow. Although I do most of my work at home it doesn’t stop me from going out to run errands. I will reblog news about the snowstorm after this post.

There will be two new prompts today, a text and photographic prompt today. I want to update on the “Trends” article that I discussed a few days ago. The article that I written for “Literature Trends” was scrapped. As I was writing the article I hit a wall in what to write and research for that I stopped writing it. However I started a new article for Science Fiction that I will continue writing throughout the day. I feel it’s necessary to just keep trying until no matter what doesn’t work out.

My Spring Semester starts this week. That means that I will be posting less. The good news is I have no classes Wednesdays and Fridays for the next 4 months. I want to keep this blog running. I do plan on making freelancing as a way to supplement an income until the next big thing comes along. I thought about asking my sister to be co-admin for this blog this time around, but I can manage my school work and my “job” this time around.

I’m taking two English classes this time around for my “final” semester. Whatever I learn from this two classes I may incorporate it into prompts on my days off. There will be times on weekends where I will be inactive due to volunteer projects as well. I have big plans this year and within the next few months. If you do manage to answer my prompts it will take me a while to respond to them, so please don’t think I have abandoned you all or this blog. I believe that’s enough rambling for one morning, transitioning into noon. Anyway, I hope you all have a pleasant day. Stay warm and safe my fellow Northeasterners and keep on writing.


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