Writers Workshop Fatigue

This is an interesting read. If you had attended writing workshops or considering attending one, you might want to read this.

Order of the Good Write

Girls iowa workshopThere’s been plenty of discussion on the scene in last Sunday night’s episode of “Girls” where Hannah participates in her first Iowa writer’s workshop. Ah, writing courses and the interactive feedback sessions. The papers read aloud, the commentary you must be open to in order to improve as a writer. The whole, “getting out of your head” concept, and allowing in the critiques of readers who’ve read your work, or have listened to it read loud in class.

When Hannah’s workshop scene uncomfortably revealed itself onscreen, I cringed with familiarity at the hyper critical snark of her classmates.  After many classes at the New School in New York and undergraduate work at my college, there was something useful, yet self defeating about hearing the reactions of your fellow classmates. On one hand, they provide productive suggestions, allowing you to hear a reader’s perception of your work. (Plus, they are required…

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