In order to become a better writer, I will start writing articles. I don’t have experience in writing in articles. I feel that taking new risks and baby steps as a writer will get my foot in the door. What better way to gain experience by writing an article whether the results will be good or bad? So my first mock article that I will post in a few days (if there will be no disruptions in the next few days) is “trends”. As the title of this blog details I will train my writing muscles by writing articles about trends.

There are many trends out there in the world. I will research trends in literature. Trends in literature around the world and in the U.S. is what I’m focusing on. Since we’re all writers I want to know what people think about literature in general. If our goals are to get published, self published, gain more clients (if we’re freelancers), work in popular writing websites like Writer’s Digest and Lit Reactor, or a combination of all this (those are my goals), researching trends in literature will give us an idea on what’s popular in the market.

In reality, who are our target audience when it comes to our writing? The readers are our audience. We are readers ourselves. That’s the inspiration I have for writing my first mock article. I don’t mind whether it will be a hit or miss. I want to break out of my shell and start taking risks. Once this article is posted I want your feedback. There will be more content later in the day but let me know what you think and do you know of any trends I should research or write about.


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