What Do You Want to Read and Write for 2015?

As we enter the final week of January 2015 starting Monday, and we’re sticking to our resolutions (hopefully). I want to know from most of you, what do you want to read for the new year? I have several books in my collection, most of which I hope to finish towards the end of the year, if school, this blog and new career/job prospects in the next several months won’t get in the way (wishful thinking, I know). I’m reading four books (not all at once). The first book, “Player’s Piano” by Kurt Vonnegut. The second book is “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

The third book is “A Kiss Gone Bad” by Jeff Abbott. The fourth book, a book I borrowed from the library (which is almost due) “The Mammoth Book of Science Fiction” edited by Mike Ashley. Three Science Fiction novels and one Thriller novel. What does this mean? It means that I want to familiarize myself with the structure of how Sci-Fi and Thriller novels are written. This is standard practice when becoming a better writer and author. Not only am I reading these novels for enjoyment but I’m learning what I should and should not do when writing Sci-Fi.

I have plans to read and write more in the Horror genre as well. It’s a genre that has garnered my interest these past few years. So followers, for today’s prompt, what do you want to read and write for 2015? There’s no word limit for today’s prompt. However I do want to know what books you’re reading, what genre they are, why are you reading them (if you include reading for pleasure for this prompt, go ahead, as it’s required for the prompt) and what genres you are currently writing or want to write for the new year. Answer this prompt in a few short paragraphs either in the comments section or on your blog and linking mine to your response.

There will be more posts later or sometime tomorrow. Enjoy your day everyone!


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