If 90% of My Brain Was Unlocked

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

If 90% of my brain was unlocked here’s what I’ll do with this unlocked power. One, I will process information faster. I’m a fast learner. There are times when I’m taught something prior information would process slower and end up being forgotten. This new ability to learn much faster will benefit me when learning new skills. Second, I will have improved short-term memory.

My short-term memory isn’t the greatest. One moment I will learn a new fact or a task I need to accomplish and the next, poof, it’s gone. I believe it has something to do with many events going on at once in one whole day. With my brain unlocked to its full potential, I would never have to worry about forgetting an important piece of information. I have a habit of checking my pockets to make sure if I have everything with me. This increase of brain usage, I would stop checking my pockets and bag periodically to make sure I have all my possessions.

Math is not my greatest subject. I have a hard time memorizing formulas and doing calculations in my head. If my brain was unlocked to its full capacity, I will do better in Math. Most people aren’t geniuses in Math. This goes back to my short-term memory and absorbing information faster. Math takes a lot of brain power. That’s why I feel that we use 10 % of our brain. It isn’t unlocked.


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