Changes As Far As Prompts Go

It’s a new year and a new year comes with changes. What I want to do as far as prompts go are the following:

  • Post scenic pictures
  • Write what happens next
  • X number word story
  • Flash Fiction
  • Short Story critique
  • Word Limit Challenge

The reason why I want to change how I’ve done prompts that may be similar to other writing prompt blogs or sites is that practice makes perfect. In every aspect in our lives we all need to write something. This writing can range from, business reports, academic essays, business letters, journal writing, freelance writing, copy writing, novel/novella writing, and plenty more. Although I will have a busy year ahead of me due to life and new career paths, I want us all to become better writers.

When I come up with more ideas on changing the dynamic of this blog, I will post more. In the meantime, what else should I change for this blog? Let me know in the comments section. Have a good night everyone!


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