Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello followers. I apologize for my absence these past few months. School and life really kept me busy. I wanted to return to posting a few weeks ago since my vacation started, but I needed time to myself. I hope everyone is still writing despite the demands of life. School kept me disciplined with writing. There was no shortage or breaks for writing on my end.

It’s a new year filled with new beginnings. What are your plans for the new year? I have plans for 2015 but I’m not going to share them. Why is that you ask? Because things don’t always go our way and there are times where you have a plan B to Z, if plan A doesn’t work. One plan or goal I have that I want to share is I want do rather than say what my plans are. If I say what my plans are and they don’t come to fruition, then I just made false promises.

The only thing I want to accomplished this year is success. No matter how little or big my life will change 11 months from now, I want to have a successful 2015. That’s all that matters for myself and possibly anyone else. So for today’s prompt, tell me what are your plans, resolutions and goals for 2015? It doesn’t matter if it’s writing related or not. There will be more announcements in the next few days. Once again, Happy New Year followers!


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