Good morning everyone! This week will be the last week this blog will run from Monday to Friday. I will be starting school soon. This week will also be the week where the Net Neutrality topic will be posted. I had commitments and distractions over the weekend and I wasn’t able to add more to it. It’s currently in typing stages but I want to get my facts and sources correct before moving ahead.

There will be a few new original prompts this week as well. Next Wednesday and Thursday there will be no posts. Friday there will be a prompt but it will be posted in the evening hours. I will have prompts queued from time to time. I realized the Monday after next is Labor Day Weekend. I may not have a post or prompt from August 30th September 1st.

As aforementioned I’m starting school next week (Thursday to be precise). I want to have time to myself and come up with prompts and if I have homework on those two days, get the ball rolling with that. There will be a lot of holidays (Jewish holidays and Columbus Day) that I’ll have this upcoming semester. However those days will be ‘me time’. There will not be a Thanksgiving Day post (getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?).

With all of that this blog will continue. I plan on sticking with this blog because I want the community to become better writers. I shamelessly have to admit that I am using this blog for portfolio reasons, but my main goal is to help not only myself but all of you to get used to writing. Whether it is business or leisure writing, I want you to get better at it.

I hope you all have a great day and week. New prompts from The Daily Post will be posted.


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