Response to today’s prompt: “Do You Believe Horoscopes/Zodiacs?”

My zodiac sign is Sagittarius. I was born in early December. Sagittarius falls on the date of November 22nd to December 22nd. Its zodiac element is Fire and its sign ruler is Jupiter. The following traits of a Sagittarius are:







Personal Freedom

Going their own way




Emotionally detached


These traits are common among people whose zodiac sign are Sagittarius. However, since we’re all different, not everyone who’s a Sagittarius have these traits. I myself have some of these traits: optimistic, positive, independence, well-read enjoys personal freedom. Some of the negative traits such as, emotionally detached, irritable, and blunt (a trait I forgot to mention). There have been some times in my life where I’ve noticed these traits. Every time I see astrology articles or read horoscopes I can recall situations where my traits came into place.

The main question is do I believe in the horoscopes I read and the overall traits of my zodiac sign? Yes, 95% of the time and no, 5% of the time.  So why the percentage and saying yes and no? The reason is the careers that most Sagittarius would prefer, the travel industry, traveling sales representatives, teachers, and photographers, comedians/entertainers.

Although I like to travel, working in the travel industry just wouldn’t appeal to me. I want travel to be a personal venture for me. Having travel as a job isn’t as tempting as it should be, in my opinion. Writing is one career profession, best suited for Sagittarius. Considering that I’m going for Journalism after I graduate from my last semester of Community College, this is something right up my alley.

It’s also stated from

“In fact, due to their mutable nature, Sags may enjoy multiple careers throughout their lives”.

I myself am going to study Computer Information Systems as well. So it’s not stretch that I want to pursue two careers in my lifetime.

Everyone has their own respective zodiac sign. They look up information about their sign and find it to be true. Some people don’t find it to be true and have disinterest for it. I myself believe some of what my zodiac’s traits are and I don’t believe it fully. That’s what makes everyone different. We’re born on the same date and same year, and sometimes born on the same date, different year. In the end we’re all unique, but still human born in different stars.


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