A Different Type of Post

Good morning current and new followers. As I am no doubt aware that you all heard the news about Robin Williams. I’m greatly hurt that such a great actor has passed away. Suicide is pretty grim. In high school I had an acquaintance/associate who committed suicide. I learned that he mental disorders and was taking medications for it. I’m not sure what led to his suicide. I was unhappy hearing about it.

Leaning that Robin Williams battled substance abuse and became clean recently was hard hitting to me. It seemed like even though he was getting better, Robin’s depression overlapped that. He was one of my favorite actors and someone I grew up watching in movies. I believe that the people who grew up watching his movies or stumble upon that lost someone very special to them. Robin Williams was the type of man you could call family despite being non-blood related.

Rest in Peace Mr. Robin Williams. You will be missed and I will miss you the most.


There will be new prompts today. The Net Neutrality topic will be posted sometime towards the end of the week or early next week. Enjoy your day everyone!


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