Good Morning/Afternoon followers, Annoucements

There are two bonus days of the free e-book, Boot Camp of Writing Prompts, by Zachary Petit and Brian A. Klems. These will be posted today and tomorrow. There will also be prompts from The Daily Post and original, along with other prompts referenced from other sites. The topic on Net Neutrality may be posted by the end of the week or as early as next week. I’ve been doing research on the topic most of last week.


I will be returning to school in two weeks, so this blog starting on August 29th, will only be active three times a week with occasional queued posting. I have picked up a few more reference books from the library that I will share with you all. I will also get back to some of your responses to your prompts personally. I have enjoyed reading the responses and would like to see more of your progress.

This blog may get a theme change soon. I don’t know when that will happen, but I want make this blog a little more organized so that you’ll find past, present and future prompts more easier. With that said I hope you enjoy your day and week.


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