Prompt Response: The Daily Post’s “Writer’s Block Party”

I often experience Writer’s Block. The last time I’ve Writer’s Block was a few months ago, sometime during March and April. The cause of my Writer’s Block was due to lack of sleep, over-thinking, the weather and forcing creativity. I’ve tried writing random things just to get me out of my funk and hoped there was a spark for new material. This lasted until May when I was planning and brainstorming this blog.

I was in the process of starting freelance writing when this blog came to mind. I’d figured in order to get better at writing and develop a portfolio why create a blog. This helped dig my way out of Writer’s Block. I continued to read novels for pleasure, style and what do and not do in a novel. I’ve periodically done free-writing. It helped because I was writing for myself and not an audience.

I learned an important message from reading an interview from an internet writer, Slimebeast, who I’ve mentioned in my last prompt. That message was (paraphrasing here) to write for yourself. That’s one effective way to conquer Writer’s Block. It may not be the holy grail to defeat Writer’s Block ultimately, because you will have Writer’s Block from time to time. One thing everyone, myself included, should take to heart is worry about what your audience will think until after you finish writing your prose.

If you end up worrying about your audience’s critique well into the writing, your work will suffer. That’s not to say you shouldn’t worry about grammar, style and punctuation because that’s vital. What you shouldn’t worry about is how the story will begin and end. That’s until after the story is finished and the editing process begins.

Starting this blog, reading, free-writing and writing for myself is how I concurred Writer’s Block.


2 thoughts on “Prompt Response: The Daily Post’s “Writer’s Block Party”

  1. I’m blogging now to write my way out of writer’s block. It’s more of me journaling my daily experiences than proper “writing,” but if words are making their way to the page/screen, it’s progress. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    1. Not a problem. Writing takes baby steps. I’m not an expert on writing. I first done it as a hobby in my late childhood-early teen years. I realized that there are careers in writing that I can pursue. I still make mistakes from time to time. You can’t become a better writer without a few mistakes, writing and reading as well. Good luck on your endeavors. 🙂

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