Reference Books to improve your writing

“Polishing Your Prose: How To Turn First Drafts Into Finished Work” by Steven M. Cahn & Victor L. Cahn


“The Complete Guide To Article Writing: How To Write Successful Articles For Online And Print Markets” by Naveed Saleh


“Three Genres: The Writing of Poetry, Fiction and Drama: Seventh Edition” by Stephen Minot

^This one is the Eighth edition. It’s a bit pricey but if you can find it in e-book form then that’s great.


These three books I’ve borrowed from the library will improve your writing. I’m going through these books and they’re helpful.



6 thoughts on “Reference Books to improve your writing

  1. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    I had this book when I took my first creative writing class at my community college. Funnily enough, my mother has the same book in hardcover sitting at home from when she attended the same community college when she was my age. I didn’t know that we were such peas in a pod.

    1. What a coincidence, huh? It’s very resourceful. I’m thinking of taking a creative writing class for my final semester of community college next semester. Can you please give me a preview on what it’s like?

      1. Three Genres gives the beginning writer the tools to effectively write a story, poem, or drama/play. The story aspects (which I mainly read) are divided into elements of fiction such as character, setting, description, and dialogue. It provides a short story to read, and then uses that story as an example of dialogue tags, setting, inferences that we can get of the characters, etc.

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