Good Day and Announcements

Good morning and good afternoon followers. I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days. I’ve recently borrowed two books from the library that I’ve been going through. I will provide links to these books if I find them on the Barnes and Noble website. One book is titled “The Complete Guide To Article Writing” by Naveed Saleh and the other book is titled “Polishing Your Prose” by Steven M. Cahn & Victor L. Cahn.

Once again I will provide links to these books if I can find them on B& The second announcement I have is there will be two or three prompts today. I know I promised ‘Word of the Day’. I haven’t kept up my promise on that. However, there will be word of the day but I’ll find another website for it or randomly pick a word of from my dictionary and post on here. Whichever way works for me. I’m fairly preoccupied these days especially since I’m returning to school at the end of this month (where is the time going?!).

Which leads to my next announcement. Prompts will only be scheduled to 3 times a week starting from September to December. I won’t have as much time to do prompts since I’ll be busy with school and possibly working as well. Prompts will be posted from Friday to Sunday. Saturday and Sunday’s postings will be queued. So if I take long to respond to your prompt response or take long to answer a question I won’t be able to until I’m finished with assignments.


Finally, my discussion topic, the one about Net Neutrality being the first serious discussion prompt will be posted soon. I know last week and the week before I was supposed to have it up, but studying and reading the aforementioned books took research time away from that. I will have the topic and my opinion on it soon. It will before this month ends. I don’t want to make you wait for it and when I’m back in school, I won’t have time for it.

A prompt from The Daily Post and the Boot Camp of Writing Prompts will be posted. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your week.



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