Response to yesterday’s prompt: Abandoned Locations

Most people have a lust for exploring. There are some who are brave enough to want to visit abandoned areas, I myself am one of those people. I’ve looked at photos of abandoned places and want to know the story behind them and see if there’s anything inhabiting there. I guess you can say it’s an insatiable sense of curiosity for wanting to exploring abandoned locations. One place I really want to explore in my lifetime is the Disney island amusement park/resort, Discovery Island.

My interest for Discovery Island began two years ago when I learned of an internet version of campfire stories called, “Creepypastas”. There’s a story titled “Abandoned by Disney” written by a pen named author called “Slimebeast”. The story is about a blogger who learns of an abandoned Disney resort called Treasure/Discovery Island that was suddenly closed in 1999. So the blogger goes out to this abandoned resort and discovers that it’s covered in overgrowth, damaged from tropical storms and hurricanes.

He learns that there are two voices discussing something about the history of the island, discovers an eighty foot python posing as a statue and an employees only room. Inside the employees only room the blogger finds several costumes on the floor, including a Mickey Mouse costume that was photo negative colored. A few moments the later the costume springs up from the floor and pulls its head revealing blood and gore. The blogger leaves the room and on his way out sees a carved message on the wall saying, “Abandoned by God!” The blogger leaves the island and never returns.

“Abandoned by Disney” became a popular hit among the urban legend and internet scary stories community but the author debunks the myth of whether the events from that story was true. I was impressed when I first read it because it felt as though there maybe secrets on that island. I had a feeling the story was fictional. The skeptic in me would think that someone would have brought light to the amusement park’s dark secrets eventually. Everything has a story to it and abandoned places like Discovery Island is one of them.

If anyone wonders if there are any actual explorers or stories about abandoned places, then yes, yes there are. One is an urban exploration group named Flurbex and another  is a blogger named Shane Perez. An article from the Huffington Post states,

“The last known visitor was urban explorer Shane Perez, who swam to the abandoned island in 2009 with a group of friends. There, he and his buddies discovered reptiles in jars, old employee photos and that the park lights still turn on at night.”

It’s interesting to know that people have traveled to this abandoned resort and shared photos of this place. It is not known why the Discovery Island amusement park was closed and abandoned. However it is interesting that Disney money on some of their amusement parks and closes them. Aside from photos found on the internet, no one will explore the nooks and crannies of the Discovery Island.

Discovery Island’s abandonment has brought major curiosity, rumors, and fictional urban legend stories throughout the internet. I believe that’s one of the major reasons why I would want to travel to Discovery Island. The curious and writer side of me wants to learn more, even if there’s nothing left to find out.


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