Response to Day 6 of Boot Camp of Writing Prompts: Alphabet Poem

Adamant, describes a person’s firm nature, unscathed to pressure

Bold font is what I’m using the highlight the letters for this poem

Concentrate on your goals and life before your dreams

Demanding respect never works

Earning respect is what matters

Fall on a pillow not on the floor.

Hardwood floors causes splinters and concussions if you fall down.

Idols are only reserved for parents and grandparents not celebrities, choose the right people to idolize

Joking about sensitive topics like genocide, diseases and rape is unnecessary, don’t do it

Kangaroos are excellent boxers

Lemons when fresh make the best juice, it’s free from high fructose corn syrup

Mountains gives you a better view than binoculars.

Neglecting your studies will only lead you to failure.

Original is better than a clone

Pessimism is born from experience

Quizzes are the younger siblings of tests and exams.

Refreshing is another way of starting over.

Sunflowers have purifying properties.

Telepathy requires a lot of training and synchronization with another person

Umbrellas never have a long lifespan

Vaults have strong defenses.

Washtubs are a bad substitute for boats.

Xylophone is the second X letter word that has nine letters.

Yolks contains a lot of protein.

Zodiacs are a part of all of us.


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