Prompt Response: What Keeps You Up At Night?

We all have something that keeps up from sleeping. It’s not a secret our daily lives and what’s going on in the world has an impact on us regularly. However what little things keeps us up at night? The things that keep me up at night are the following:

Loud music

the television being on in my room or the next room if the volume is up high


LED lighting from my phone and iPod

rodents running around


Loud music regardless if it’s coming from my headphones or from someone else car will keep awake. I don’t how anyone could sleep with blaring music blaring from somewhere else. I always turn the television off before going to sleep. I don’t like keeping the television on all night for obvious reasons. The light from the television will wake up if I doze off. I can’t sleep if something as bright as a television set is on for several hours into the night. I leave the sound on the television low before falling asleep and turning it off so that’s no problem.

Thunderstorms will keep some people awake. I’m no exception to that rule. Although I can be a heavy sleeper I could never fall asleep unless a thunderstorm subsides. The exploding, crackling sound of thunder is not pleasant to the ears; that’s why I always wait it’s over or put on earplugs.

Mobile devices can be addicting. Especially when you’re trying to fall asleep. Why does that happen? The LED lightning from these mobile devices can cause insomnia. At times before going to sleep I usually listen to my iPod or scroll through my phone and this will cause me not to sleep longer. Nowadays I usually the alarm on my phone set to a certain time, hours before bedtime, and turn off my iPod before going to sleep.

This leads me not to touch any mobile devices while I’m in bed. The last thing that keeps me up at night are rodent running around. Everyone in a while rodents invade your home. Whether they’re mice or rats, these creatures are unwanted. In my lifetime my family had the occasional mouse or rat. They would run around all over the place. They keep me up at night because I never know where they are going to show up.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night or early in the morning to see these furry creatures either sleeping on the floor, caught in a trap, gnawing on something or laying limp from a poisonous trap that was setup on the floor, or possibly laying limp next to you in your bed. That isn’t something anyone would want to see. I hope you have a high enough bed not to experience that horror. It hasn’t happened to me fortunately.

Now you know what keeps me up at night.


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