Response for yesterday’s Boot Camp of Writing Prompts Day 4: Sent to the Wrong Printer

The afternoon was hectic. Nathan just finished typing out his letter for his two weeks notice because he recently got a new job as a Technical Writer for a major tech company. He clicks on the print button and feels relieved. Nathan looks at the printing progress bar but doesn’t hear the printer and the paper coming out. To his horror, he realizes that another printer in the HR room is printing his letter.

Nathan makes a panic dash to the HR room however to his discontent, someone was already there. It was his boss, Wilson. “Crap”. Nathan said to himself. “Did you need something, Nathan?” asked Wilson. “Yes, um, I printed out something and it somehow was directed here. So I’m just going to go ahead and take it from your printer.” Nathan walks to the printer, but Wilson grabs the letter first.

Wilson flips the paper over and sees the letter. Nathan closes his eyes in defeat, knowing he maybe leaving his current job before his new job begins. “Wilson, before you say anything let me explain.” “There’s nothing to explain, Nathan. I always lose employees and gain new ones this time of year anyway.”

A huge weight was lifted from Nathans shoulders but his nerves was still at maximum. “Now Nathan…I understand you’re a hard-worker, dedicated and a determined young man. There’s nothing stopping you for letting me know in advance that you will be leaving us. As much as I hate to lose one of my best employees, I don’t want you to have to send me a letter.”

Nathans nerves are calmed. “My apologies, Wilson. I know you’re fairly busy and often stressed. Running a superstore isn’t easy. I’ll avoid letters from now on and with my new job. My lunch break is near its end. See you later.”

“So two weeks, correct?”

“Yes, two weeks.”

“One more thing Nathan.”


“Good luck on your future endeavors.”


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