New Prompt(s) for the day and annoucements

Good day folks! Today there will be two maybe three new prompts. One will be original and two will be from The Daily Post and Boot Camp of Writing Prompts. I want to know if you like the background theme of this blog and you want me to keep or you don’t like it and I should change it. I plan on changing the background some time in the near future. However for right now this Motif theme will stay.

There is going to be an important topic prompt that I will post once when my research is finished. The first of this important topic is “Net Neutrality”  Because it affects the internet and consumers as a whole I want to know your opinion on the matter. I also want to do vocabulary/word of the day from now on. Starting tomorrow or some time this week, a word of the day will be posted every 10:00am EST. There will be days however that I may not post a word of the day or it’ll get posted later in the day.

I’m returning to school next month(last week of August), so chances are I won’t have that much time. Prompts and posts will be posted every Friday through Sunday starting in September to December. During those three months I will have new and fresh material for you all. Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day and prompts will be posted in a moment.


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