Response to The Daily Post’s prompt “Full Disclosure”

As tempting as it is, knowing what a person is thinking, the risk is too great, so I will not accept the chip. I wouldn’t want to have a piece of technology that allows me to know what a person is thinking. There are somethings that people will think about that may not sound pretty. You would regret hearing that person’s thought at the exact moment you hear it. It all goes back to an episode of “The Twilight Zone” called “A Penny For Your Thoughts”.

If you haven’t watched “The Twilight Zone” or seen this episode in particular, it’s about a man named Hector B. Poole who chucks a quarter in a change box that belongs to a newspaper salesman and it stands on its edge and he develops the ability to read people’s minds. Poole’s mind reading ability makes him speak out about man using a bank loan to bet on horses and a co-worker of his robbing the bank to go on vacation.

This mind reading gets him in trouble until the man using the bank loan gets in trouble and Poole gets his job back and on his boss’ good side. This episode taught me that if I develop the ability to read minds I should be cautious on how I use it. I still wouldn’t want to read people’s minds. If I’m in a public setting with a sea of people I would hear hundreds, maybe thousands of thoughts. So many voices swirling in my head and I wouldn’t handle it.

If I was offered this chip to read people’s mind without shutting it off, I would politely decline and move on with my day.



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