New Prompts today

Good morning everyone! I apologize for not having a second prompt up yesterday. I got sidetracked finishing up a prompt I posted yesterday and looking at catalogs for school. I also couldn’t find the e-book that I wanted to post a writing prompt from. I managed to find it a minute ago, so a prompt will be that e-book. There are a few other e-books I’ve downloaded from Writer’s Digest so I’ll look at that and see what prompt I can use for reference and exercise for us all.

I found an article from about creativity. I want one of three of today’s prompts to be about that. I will post the article and I want your thoughts on it and what creativity means to you.

I will reblog(post a link since the reblog function officially hates me now. *sadface*) from The Daily Post. It’s an interesting prompt. There’s something I neglected to mention and I will add on the about section of this blog. There’s no timeframe in your response to the prompts I post. The goal of this blog is to help you with your writing. So if there’s prompt I posted a month ago that you want to write, go ahead and do it. I will make a separate post about this and sticky it if I can.

You are free to do past prompts if you like. Remember this blog is to help you, me and everyone else that want to become better writers. So with that, I’ll post today’s prompt from The Daily Post, the article from LitReactor and a prompt from an e-book I downloaded.


Enjoy  your day and Happy Hump Day!! 🙂


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