Response to Daily Post’s prompt(Now? Later!)

Ah, yes, procrastination. Just another word for putting things off and being lax. Procrastination can be helpful and detrimental. For writers procrastination is very harmful. When you want to write something but an unknown force is blocking you to do so. That force can cause you not to write. Instead you’re wasting your time doing something other than writing or reading as a  whole. The good news is that procrastination can help you gain new ideas. As a whole, you’re absorbing new things that you can use to create a story.

My procrastination destination are usually the internet, television and books. The internet is full of distractions. This open world chock full of information and videos can make anyone procrastinate. With the addition of social media on the rise, the internet has evolved procrastination tenfold. I myself can get distracted by social media so my procrastination gets bad sometimes. The internet is always bad when it comes to procrastination.

As aforementioned you can gain ideas as you’re surfing the internet. Whatever you’re looking at today could be the base of your best-selling novel tomorrow. It helps to keep procrastination at a minimum. You don’t want to make it a habit. There are times when procrastination is acceptable (e.g. ,  coming home from work, finishing homework, or on vacation).  It’s a good idea to have a procrastination destination that involves something constructive.

I mentioned books and television as my procrastination destination next to the internet. I know television is not the best procrastination destination for inspiration. Television serves as a medium along with books. Books you use your own imagination. Television gives you the moving image. I’m reading a book titled “Trust Me” by Jeff Abbott and I’m picturing some areas in the book that the story takes place in. For example, “Trust Me” takes place in the state of Texas and Chicago, Illinois. I’ve never been to those places, but I build an image of what the look like as I’m reading the book.

To close this, my procrastination destinations are book, television and the internet. I feel that these three are useful procrastination destinations. They give you a strong brainstorming foundation.


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