Freewriting exercise

Good afternoon everyone. Apologies that I’ve been posting late in the afternoons recently. I’ve been busy with preparations for school, researching new topics, constructing prompts for your writing pleasure. This week, I’m going to start posting writing prompts from a few free e-books that I’ve downloaded a while ago, courtesy of Writer’s Digest. I will also reblog prompts from The Daily Post.

The reason for that is I’ve started to run dry on coming up with writing prompts. That doesn’t mean that this blog will cease or there will be only reblogs from other writing prompt blogs and sites and references from books. I have a lot on my mind at the moment and it’s affecting my thinking process. However, I do have two new prompts coming up. They will focus on two topics that we can discuss about. These two topics are Bitcoins and Net Neutrality.

Both prompts are internet related. I want your opinion on the subject matter. I will attempt to have The Daily Prompt use these prompts because I want to hear what you have to say. I will only do serious topics every once in a while. It is not going to be very often that this will happen. I know some of you want to improve your writing with beginner and easygoing topics.

This is not to say I’m doubting your writing abilities or don’t think you would handle it. These prompts are meant to be for fun and not to ruin your day with topics that affect our world today. Although discussion topics are interesting, that’s not the goal of this blog.

This blog will NOT discriminate your political or religious views depending on the response of your prompt. I don’t want to ban anyone unless I have to.

With that said, as aforementioned today’s prompt will be a freewriting exercise. Write about anything that comes to your mind. Then discuss why you’ve chosen the topic you wrote.


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