Do you keep a Journal? (Prompt Response)

I don’t keep a journal. Unlike most writers I usually brainstorm or write an outline of what I’m going to write for a story. I use to have a journal. It was only reserved for a class I took back in High School. I made another journal shortly after that but it didn’t last long. Occasionally I would only write out my thoughts on paper and dispose of it.

I never saw much benefit of keeping a journal. After witnessing testimonies from other people it opened my mind a little. I think documenting your daily life helps expands your story. Regardless of whether you live a boring or interesting life, your story will have more depth. It’s tough not having a starting point in a story if you spend minutes or hours trying to write an opening paragraph.

Journals are yours to keep. Write in them. The journal belongs to you. It is a reflection of yourself. To quote a passage from a reference book titled “Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft”

“Keep a journal. A journal is an intimate, a friend that will accept you as you are.”


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