What are your goals and dreams? (Prompt response)

One of my main goals is to finish college in four to six years. It’s a doable goal that will take time, patience and determination. Luckily I have all three of those keys. Another goal of mine is to have my writing published in a magazine or newspaper. The publication can happen while I’m attending school if time permits. It parallels with my next goal, which is winning a writing contest.

Last year I competed in two writing contests hosted by Writer’s Digest. I didn’t win both contests but I had fun. The pressure of writing a story before a deadline helped give me the experience. Although I won’t compete in a contest this year. I know what to expect for the next contests I may compete in.

Driving is another goal of mine that I’ve wanted to accomplish for a while now. I’ve always wanted to drive ever since my 16th birthday. I never found the time to take the courses. Living in a transportation rich area, you get used to public transportation. It’s a reason why I’ve put it off for so long. I want to start learning how to drive before the year ends.

While I’m in school I want to apply to an internship for a tech company. It will help me improve my computer skills while learning the work environment of the tech industry. I will gain new skills and develop new projects with other people. I will have a reliable network I can trust and rely on. Internships are important in a college career. Just because some internships are non-paying(although they shouldn’t) you’re still receiving benefits outside the classroom.

My last goal is to make my blog successful. I feel that it shouldn’t exclusively be a dream. It’s something you have to work at not just dream it. Having a successful blog will bring new opportunities for me; if I show the effort and teamwork with my community the possibilities are endless. I want to help my fellow writers become better writers. If possible I can inspire non-writers to get in the habit of writing well.

I only have one dream at the moment. I have not thought it out as well as I thought I would. It is a common dream for most people and that dream is winning the lottery. For me, it doesn’t matter if I win a jackpot or a win for life, as long as I win something that’s what matters. I feel that the money I would win will help further my education, enrich my enjoyment in life and save it for a rainy day,

If I feel brave enough I may run a business. I’m not sure what my business plan will be, but I’ll figure that out when the time comes.



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