Response to today’s prompt

“What should I do?” I asked myself. The photos from this manila envelope show my daily activities: School, work, spin class, my trips to the library and bookstore. My life photographed is all here! What does this mean? I read the note again. “Hello. I’ve taken a great deal of interest in you. You seem like the perfect candidate for a project. Come to your nearest cafe. I’ll be waiting for.” – signed Anonymous.

A cold sweat runs down my back and I hastily make the decision to go see this stranger. It’s already ten minutes and no sign of this enigmatic person. A tap on my shoulder sends jolts down my spine. “The window table with two chairs over there on the far right. Don’t look at me or scream.” The voice was male and I did exactly what he told me. I sit on the chair in front of the chair the stranger sits on. The man wears sunglasses, a buzzed haircut and dressed in a royal blue shirt and black shorts.

“Are you the man who sent me those photos?” I asked, wanting to get down to business. “Indeed I am. You seem straight forward so let’s begin.” He responded deep hoarse toned. It sounds as if he’s disguising his real voice.

“What do you want with me?”

“I want you to a job for me.”

“So, you’re asking a complete stranger that you’ve stalked and possibly found my address on the internet to work for you?”


“Give me a break.” I scoff

“If you don’t want your photos and address, mind you circulated on the internet, you better do as I say.” The man threatened.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I work for an internet company. I’m a freelance photographer and sell photos other internet companies can use for advertisements. Call it taking candid photos for profit.”

“Why target me?” I asked. “Don’t flatter yourself. You’re not the only who’s part of this job.”

“Who else is involved?”

“Ordinary people just like you.” I felt reluctant to do this, but he has my information and privacy in his hands.

“Write down your number on this napkin and will begin. I’ll text you with what you have to do next.”

I write his number down and he records it on his phone. I receive a call from him so his number gets added to my phone. The man leaves and before he walks past. “What’s your name?” I ask.

“You don’t need to know my name.” Like that, he was gone. I leave the cafe to chase after him, but he was nowhere to be found. My phone chimes and it’s from Anonymous.

“Your first assignment is going to a strip mall downtown and take a discreet photo of people eating at a restaurant.” I get on the nearest bus and four stops later I was in Kensington strip mall. The sea of people didn’t help make my “job” easy. I found an outdoor restaurant with rows of tables and people eating a chatting.

The distracted conversations helped make things less complicated. I stand near an unoccupied parking spot and snapped the photo. The picture was sent and I awaited my next assignment. Nothing for ten minutes until, chime. I receive a text message. “Excellent.” Anonymous replied. “Now go to an electronics store and take another picture of people testing products out.”

I walk into a large electronics store and it’s very busy. I walk to the music section, no one there. The video game section had only one person look at sealed video games. One person sleeping on a chair in the TV section which was no help. Finally I walk to the computer section. People were asking questions and testing computers and tablets. I keep a distance to take the best photo I can take. I take the picture and send it to Anonymous.

A hand taps my shoulder and it’s a security guard. My heart races as he glares at me. “What are you doing?” he asked. “I work for a photography company.” I responded.  The guard asked for proof, I couldn’t show it. I was brought into a room and the guard flashed a badge. It’s a FBI badge. “I assume you’re being threaten to work for a man in sunglasses, correct?”

Now for something interesting, in the comments, how would you end this story?



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