Generous Genies (A Prompt from The Daily Post)

I am now a genie that grants three wishes to three people. The wishes I would want goes to three people. My mother, my sister and my father. The first wish is to win the lottery. That wish goes to my mother. My mother deserves the win more than I do. I appreciate a lot she’s done for me and I want to give back. She deserves a quiet and comfortable life at the moment.

The next wish I would want is an all expense paid trip to California. That would go to my sister. She always wanted to go to California. It would be perfect for her to travel to a place she’s considered traveling and living. I also want to go to California. However I feel that my sister should enjoy the experience first.

The last wish I would grant is a new car. That car will go to my father. My father car was damaged two decades ago. He hasn’t had a decent one since then. I want a car for myself, but right now it’s fiscally difficult for me to obtain one. I feel that he would get more out of it than I would.

These are all the wishes I would grant if I found a genie lamp. My family means a lot to me and I should give back to them. That what anyone would do for their family.


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