The Software I Use For My Writng

The software I use for my writing is Microsoft Word. I’ve used it for a decade now. I like Microsoft Word because of its organization and easy to use functions. The line spacing function helps to keep paragraphs from having wall of texts. Another thing about Microsoft Word I like is its dictionary. Whenever you have a misspelled word, Word underlines the misspelled word and gives you suggestions. Other times Word will auto-correct the misspelled word for you. Auto-correct can be problem some if you have a word nearly correct and spells it into a word you didn’t want to type.

The feature strike-through is an excellent function Word has. I currently have a planner and log for this blog. I type down how many blog posts and prompts that I’ve typed and cross them out when each prompt is finished. Strike-through is also perfect for editing. If a friend, family member, or co-worker isn’t around to edit your work. You can send your work to them and if they have Word; they can use the strike-through function is cross out words or sentences that shouldn’t belong.

The only criticism I have with Word is configuration of documents from previous versions of Word. For example, I have both Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 on my computer. I had to update my resume at a library in my neighborhood and they had Word 2003. Once it finished configuring the format was different. I done the same thing with a story I wrote but used Word 2010.

Now every time I open Word 2007 it goes through a configuration process. It’s pretty annoying and I’ve started using Scrivener. Although Scrivener it’s a trial version I like it. It’s much more organized than Word. I can use different templates for my writing and I don’t have to rely on one particular document. The one thing I don’t like about Scrivener is that there’s no word count and it doesn’t have a line spacing function like Word does.

I’m sure there’s an alternate solution but I’ll play with Scrivener a little more to find out. There are other word processing software I will check out in the near future. For now, Word and Scrivener are what I currently use.


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