The places I would like to travel to.

Traveling is one of the most relaxing and tiring activity anyone can enjoy. We all have places we want to travel but due to financial and responsibility restrains, it’s always possible. I live in the U.S. and I’ve only been out-of-state one time. There are a few states that I would like to go to some time in the future. The states I would like to travel to are Oregon and California.

I want to go to Oregon because it’s underrated. I don’t hear much about it. I would like to go there for the experience. I’m a major city person so I would like to travel to Portland for its tourist attraction. There are a few places in particular in Portland, Oregon I would go to such as Intel, Hollywood Theatre, Portland Art Museum, and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. There’s also the Northwest Film Center. Since I love movies it would help to learn more about the craft and style of film.If you’re wondering if I would see the state’s capitol, Salem, then yes I would.

California is another state I would visit. There are several places in California that I would like to go to. The two cities, Los Angeles and Hollywood are my go to places.  The two landmarks I would like to visit are The Staples Center and the Kodak Theatre, now named the Dolby Theatre. I want to go there just to experience what makes Los Angeles and Hollywood so popular. During my visit in California I would like to visit Silicon Valley. I want to immerse myself in a technological driven area. Becoming more educated in the tech industry will give me a sense of familiarity.

It will also give me an opportunity to know the work environment of the tech industry. One has to have knowledge about the industry they’re going into. Another reason I would like to visit California is because of San Diego’s Comic Con. It s one of the world’s largest comic book conventions. I’ve watched coverage of Comic Con a few times in recent years. The San Diego Comic Con has more to offer with space and atmosphere. San Diego Comic Con has panels, seminars, workshops and previews of upcoming movies, I’m sure other conventions has them(i.e. New York Comic Con) but I like San Diego’s Comic Con a lot more from what I read and watched.

There are plenty more places I would like to go throughout my lifetime. California and Oregon are my top 2 places countrywide I would like to travel to the most.


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