What are your favorite genres to read in literature?

So we all like to write, but what about reading? As we all know to become a better writer, we have to read first. There’s no word limit for today’s post. However you must pick only three of your favorite genres detailing why you like said genres and do you see yourself writing the genre you like.

My favorite genres in literature are Fiction, Science Fiction and Horror. These three genres have a certain appeal to me than most genres. I find myself reading these genres more often than other genres. They captivate an experience much different from our own world. I wouldn’t find any reasons not to like these genres unless there’s a bad story written. I currently write short stories with these particular genres.
To start, I like Fiction because it’s linear and diverse. There’s a lot you can create within one genre. Fiction has many literary genres such as satire and punk, my favorites. The best thing about Fiction is it can be derived from life experiences and embellished into your own world. Nothing is more riveting than being absorbed in a reality different from your current one. I tend to write mostly fiction nowadays. It’s a genre most people prefer to read.
Science Fiction is another genre I enjoy reading. I enjoy how it morphs science to a whole other level. The creativity of possible or scenarios makes for an intriguing story. Another appealing aspect of science fiction that I love is the detailed scenery and imagery and alternate worlds. Sci-Fi to me is wondering what the future will hold for advanced technology. Sci-Fi delivers a world most people couldn’t imagine.
I find Science Fiction a little challenging to write. Although it’s my favorite genre I admittedly don’t have much creativity when it comes to science. That is something I’m willing to change as I improve my craft in Sci-Fi.
Horror has a unique appeal to me. There are some types of horror that sends chills to my spine and others that doesn’t instill fear. Supernatural horrors are alright, but they aren’t relatable to the type of horror that can occur to normal people. I wasn’t a big horror fan until I discovered scary short stories on the internet. I dabbled in the horror genre a bit as kid with books and movies. As a teenager, a few bad horror movies of the B rated variety, ruined the horror genre altogether.
I can see myself writing horror a lot. I’ve learned that writing horror is about imagining yourself in your reader’s shoes. You must ask yourself if I was my readers what I would be afraid of. Come up with a story that others can relate to and combine your fears with your readers’ fears.
As you get older, you appreciate things more vividly. I’ve come to the realization when I started reading more books. The genres I’ve read and learning how different each one are crafted. I’ve learned that there are many forms of fiction. Sci-Fi has taught me it’s not always about robots and otherworldly planets, but there are supercomputers and advanced technologies that have the potential of being created. Horror has taught me there’s more to vampires, zombies and the occult.

Horror can range from abandoned places, internet, and occurrences in our daily lives. Literature enhances your perspective with many genres. It only takes a few of your favorite genres to see it all.


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