Why I Write

Here is my response to today’s prompt.

On September 11, 2001, for those who live in the USA, the World Trade Center attacks occurred. I was in school at the time and we were sent home early and I had nothing to do at the time. So, while I was at home I stumbled upon a Legend of Zelda fan site and discovered fan fiction. I spent the following few days immersing myself in these fan made stories that other people written. Since then I’ve come to a realization that I like the games that I play; I could come up with my own stories. I know what you’re thinking.
An event like 9/11 and a gaming website would inspire me to start writing. It seems silly at first but there was one key element to that week that made me want to start writing. It was boredom. Yes, boredom was the reason why I started writing. By reading the opening sentence of this prompt you would think that a devastating event would make me want to pick up writing. Well, that’s incorrect, I was 11 going on 12 at the time and an event such as that didn’t have much of an impact on me until I’ve learned more about it later on since I was a child back then.
There are times in our lives where situations force us to find an outlet. The week of 9/11/2001 gave me an outlet to write. Would I still have wanted to if 9/11 didn’t happen? Yes and no. Yes, because no matter what happened I would eventually found a way to want to start writing as a hobby. No, because there were days off and summer vacations where I would’ve discovered wanting to write as a hobby.
I believe that I would’ve picked up writing regardless whether 9/11 happened or not. Sometimes you find reasons to want to try new things. Other times you do them because you need to cope and vent. I’m glad that boredom was the reason why I started writing.


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