Introductory Post

Hello all, my name is Darryl. This is the first, unofficial post of this blog. As the title details this is an introductory post. The premise of this blog is about writing prompts. I know some, if not most of you know what writing prompts are and follow other writing prompt blogs and websites.
However this blog will be different. This blog will involve the followers. You, the followers, will come up with your own prompts and share them with the community. I want to help you and I become better writers.

About Me
I’m 24 and I’ve been writing for nearly 13 years. It started off as writing as hobby and most of what I’ve wrote were unpublished. I went on and off with writing during high school. I’ve stopped writing when I entered college in 2008. I got back to writing again temporarily in 2010 and stopped because of school. Finally in 2012, I started writing again but this time I’m taking it seriously. What made me write again was being unable to attend school due financial restraints.  I worked volunteer and temp jobs during my time off and I picked up writing during my spare time. I will be returning to school to continue my education this Fall. I will major in Computer Information Systems for an Associates. I will continue my C.I.S major for a Bachelor’s and minor in Journalism/Creative Writing after I transfer to a four year school.
My hobbies consist of reading, mostly novels, short stories, graphic novels and comics. I love to write, as aforementioned on how I started writing. I like to watch movies. I’m not much of a television watcher nowadays due to my writing, getting started on freelance writing, reading more frequently and preparing for school in the Fall. I like to travel to local areas if time allows it. I hope to travel more in the future.

To conclude, I am open to suggestions and criticisms and follower requests. My goal is to build a community to help writers to become successful in their writing goals. I will reference other writing prompts that I’ve found from different websites and books, so there won’t be any issues or comments saying I’ve took this prompt from a website or a book. Most of these prompts will be original, something I’ll create. I will join in the prompts and critique your response to the prompts.
I hope you all enjoy this blog. I’m looking forward to interacting and writing with you all. 


Followers, I would like for you to introduce yourselves in the comment section below. Thank you!


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